Body Language and Romantic Interest

Does she like me, or like me not? Learn how to decode her body language to find out.

By Daniela Smith

Most people think before they speak, so talking is largely a conscious effort. But how many people actually think about their body language when communicating with others?

Most people usually don’t think about their body language unless in high-pressured situations such as job interviews. This makes body language largely a subconscious response.

But when we take into consideration how powerful our body language is, shouldn’t we make body language a conscious effort?

What if understanding body language could help you understand potential love interests?

In fact, you can learn how to recognize if someone is interested in you, and how to show interest in others through understanding body language.

Here’s how.

The Smile: Obviously, if someone is smiling that’s good sign. But it’s important to recognize whether the smile is genuine or not, or if they’re smiling just to be polite.  “The eyes are the window to the soul,” is a cliché, but the statement holds a lot of truth. A genuine smile will involve the whole face—not just the mouth. So if your love interest is smiling at you, look at their eyes, and if the muscles around the eyes are tightened and the eyes are beaming know that they’re probably interested in you.

Eye Contact: Exchanging glances can be romantic or not romantic. If you look up and someone is looking at you, it could be for many reasons, least of which may be that they’re interested in you. If you want to know if the hot guy across the room truly likes you, notice how long their glance lasts. A couple of seconds can make the difference between a “glance” and a romantic “gaze.” The key is whether the eye contact lasts a little longer than what’s “socially appropriate.” In other words, don’t stare—you might send the entirely wrong message and turn the person off!

Posture Change and Preening: When a person is interested in someone their body posture will change instantly—they will go from relaxed and laid back, to upright and energized. This shows that they are excited and happy to see you, and are energized by your presence. Take it as a good sign.

When you enter the room does she start fixing her hair; does he straighten his tie, or run his fingers through his hair? Whether they consciously realize it or not, men and women want to look good for their love interest—so they will start grooming to impress you!

Leveling: When someone is interested in you they will subconsciously try to meet you eye-to-eye: this is called “leveling.” If someone is standing while you are sitting, this can subtly communicate that there is a hierarchical relationship between the two of you—that they are “dominant” and you are “submissive.” However, when you either sit down or stand up to meet them eye-to-eye it shows that you are equals—more importantly it shows that you respect them and want to get to know them better.


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